If your cruise ship visited Livorno and you weren’t able to take advantage of Bob’s Limousine Tours to Pisa and Florence at the port of call, we also offer excursions to these two stunning cities when your ship arrives in La Spezia. Join our “Pisa and Florence” tour and your English-fluent driver first will take you to Pisa to see the “Leaning Tower” and the beautiful Florence with its cultural heritage.
Our “Pisa – Lucca” or Pisa only tour are both very popular, as it gives those among our guests who have visited Florence before an opportunity to see another “must visit” town among the many Italy offers.
This tour takes your first to Pisa to enjoy the Leaning Tower and to explore the square around the tower.  Here at Bob’s Limousine Tours, we want to provide you with the absolute best shore excursion possible. Your comfort, your safety and your enjoyment are paramount to us. We want to provide you with that Wow! factor as you join us for your tour.

 La Spezia Private Shore Excursions

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